Special Pack of x2 Frames for Lego® Simpsons Minifigures (series 1-2) – Black / Blue

** Special pack x 2 frames **The ultimate solution to your Lego® Simpsons series 1 and 2 minifigures collection. Show them in an organized way and keep them safe and dust free. It can hold 16 Lego® Simpsons minifigures. Simpsons sky custom background.Lego® Simpsons serie: Organize and show your series 2 71009 Collection: Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie, Lisa, Ned Flanders, Krusty, MIlhouse, Ralph, Apu, Nelson, Mr. Burns, etc***Minifigures not included***DESCRIPTIONSimpsons Minifigures Display Case / FrameDisplay

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